From Scooby Doo to Doctor Who, there's nothing better than a good mystery. Throw in a werewolf, a strange, unidentified  beast or an energetic force that no one can see but everyone can feel, and you've got a story so good that not even a bus load of teenagers and a talking dog can mess it up. 

Credits: Fortean Times, Kindred Spirit, History Today, Earth Touch News, Readers Digest, It's Fate, Flipside, German Life, Scottish Memories, Paranormal, the Cricketer. 

This year I was shortlisted for best print writer  at British Society Magazine Editors Rising Stars 2016

I also won a TABPI (Trade Association of Business Publishers International) Gold Award for Best Special Section as part of the E&T team who produced the James Bond Spectre special. 

A few online pieces

Real life Hound of the Baskervilles? History Today 

The strange tale of Germany's last werewolf - Fortean Times

Is the thylacine really extinct?

More Published work

He wanted to be Doctor Who when he was a kid. 

Now Richard Freeman hunts monsters for real.

Wolves don't just lurk around dark forests. As animal totems, they protect, warn and sniff out trouble.

Kindred Spirit Wolf Energy.pdf Kindred Spirit Wolf Energy.pdf
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In 1810, a strange animal appeared in the Lake District and started killing sheep.

Wild Dog of Ennerdale ForteanTimes.pdf Wild Dog of Ennerdale ForteanTimes.pdf
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Stressed out nutter or mind-controlled assassin?

Fortean Times Mind Control.pdf Fortean Times Mind Control.pdf
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Plane, UFO or flying Dorito?

Dudley Dorito.pdf Dudley Dorito.pdf
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Be they bears ? 

Yeti Hunter.pdf Yeti Hunter.pdf
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Watch at your own peril!

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